The Catholic Parish of All Saints

Liverpool Australia (1838)


(updated on 24 October 2020)


The NSW Government has announced that for religious services from Friday 23 October, 2020, the maximum will be 300 people, or one visitor per 4 square metres of space (excluding staff), whichever is less. Children count towards the capacity limit … ((

The 4 square metre requirement raises the capacity of All Saints church to 136 worshippers. Other requirements are:

  • a COVID 19 Safety Plan displayed in the church and registered with the Government.

  • registration of all worshippers, with names and details clearly indicated.

  • limited music group, all facing forward and not toward each other, 1.5. metres apart and 5 metres from other people, with no congregational singing.

  • disciplined practice of hand sanitisation and cleaning of church pews after every service.

Government and Church authorities urge the wearing of masks. Celebrants do not have to wear them while leading worship, due to safe distancing, but should wear them otherwise.

Worshippers are urged to register online for all Masses via the Parish website:

Pre-church registrations ensure that parishioners acquire a seat and make entry into the church more efficient and safe.

Online registrations close on Saturday at 12 noon.

While online registrations are preferred, registrations can still be made through the Parish Office: 9753 6500; These registrations close on Friday at 12noon. The Office is staffed on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Parishioners are urged to book early to ensure a place.

Worshippers are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the Vigil and Sunday Masses. They will be checked off as registered by doorkeepers before they enter the church, asked to sanitise their hands and go to a pew.

Church doors close when Mass begins. Registered worshippers who realise that they will be late for Mass are asked not to come to church but to rebook for a subsequent time. It is too difficult for doorkeepers to accommodate latecomers, even when registered. Thank you. Fr Paul.

Exhortation from Archbishop Fisher regarding masks

In support of the NSW Premier’s request, Archbishop Fisher writes in an email to clergy last Friday, 14 August, that “in addition to all requirements around social distancing and hygiene, parishioners be exhorted to wear masks at Mass.” He requests clergy to wear them when social distancing is problematic, e.g. meeting people outside Mass, when distributing Communion, administering sacraments such as Baptism, Anointing of the Sick and also Penance, if conducted in a confined space, and in smaller churches, when processing in and out.

New Mass

Safeguarding of Children and Young People

All Saints Parish is committed to building a culture of safeguarding of children and young people. Accordingly, all volunteers must complete the Parish Safeguarding Program comprising:

  1. Acquisition of a Working with Children (WCC) number from the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian;

  2. Attending a Parish Safeguarding Training Course (or approved alternative);

  3. Signing a Code of Conduct Form;

  4. Signing a Volunteer Agreement Form.

Over four hundred people have completed the Parish Training Course, including parishioners from the Spanish community at Ashcroft and other parishes.

Dedicated noticeboards in the church and Parish facilities display updated information.

Enquiries and registrations: Safeguarding Team:; or Parish Office: 9753 6500.

Parish News and Announcements

WHAT IS YOUR HOPE for a post-virus World?

Responses from ASCC Year 3 students:

One hope I have for a post-virus world is …

.....for everyone to feel safe and protected when they gather together with their family and friends (Ava, Year 3).

… that we can see our nanny and poppy whenever we want to (William, Year 3).

… for the world to be safe from any virus sickness, so all of the families don’t get sick around the world and to honour the people who died in world war 1. (Liahna, Year 3)

… that we will be able to go to school every day (Kiziva, Year 3).

.. that they will be safe and be protected by God and God may put their holy hands on the people in need and the guardians will protect them all (Nicole, Year 3).

… that the coronavirus to be killed and everyone to be happy, protected and safe. I have faith in the creator and the holy spirit. I believe that God will all keep us safe (Janssen, Year 3).

… for a happy day no one will make us sick (Sophia, Year 3).

… to stop and to be safe, stop putting our hands in our mouth and start sneezing and coughing in our elbows of uppers of a tissue so we stop spreading germs to each other (Tyrel, Year 3).

… to be safe and stop the spread so other people can live because there are many people dying of the virus, also we need to keep 2 arm’s length of each other so together we can stop the spread and we can all be safe (Naya, Year 3).

… that everyone is safe (Aleen, Year 3).

… that they find a vaccine and everyone who got sick they get good (Mason, Year 3).

… that I get to ride a horse and everyone is so safe that we defeated the corona (No name, Year 3).

… that people all around the world stop passing away from this Virus, and that those that have left our lives are in God’s glory. I especially hope that it makes up stronger and closer to our faith and God. Finally I hope that we find medicine that will cure us all (Isabella, Year 3).

… for everyone to be reunited. Love and protect each other. No more war just peace (Jade, Year 3).

… that everyone is nice to all and do not judge all (Otilla, Year 3).

… that the world feel safe and secure in their home and safe (Antonio, Year 3).

… that my whole entire family to be safe and not to die (Kiara, Year 3).

… that we can be healthy again and safe. Because people who suffer from coronavirus have a hard time breathing. I hope that the virus ends next month or maybe in like 6 weeks (Elsu, Year 3).

… that no more people get affected and everyone is safe and they all stay one metre apart. I hope that everyone gets cured (David, Year 3).

… that everyone listens to the government and does not hog all the essential items, hopefully they would find a cure/medicine (Lachlan, Year 3).

One hope I have for a post-virus world is …

… for everyone emerging as beautiful butterflies coming out from the cover of this pandemic cocoon who are more God-filled and better persons as they endeavour to move forward getting back to normal life. Jiji, 53

… that we reframe our priorities to focus less on that which cannot satisfy. Tam, 52.

… that health and education come before wealth at all costs. Mick, 63.

… unity between families, communities and the wider world. Rina, 75.

… for everyone to emerge as more caring, respectful and careful with each other's feelings. Ann, 73.

… for people of the world to have renewed faith in God’s love and forgiveness that will keep us strong in the midst of the difficult challenges in the future, e.g. calamities. Evelyn, 70

… for the church to utilize technology as a tool for evangelisation and outreach. Richie, 34.

… to continue support for those most vulnerable in society, Harrison, 19.

… humility and gratitude. Nikita, 19.

… more connectedness and appreciation for those around us. Kira, 18

… unchanging compassion and kindness shown to those vulnerable in our community. Olivia, 16.

… for a slower pace of life, where everyone values personal connections above being busy. Kerry, 70.

… that there are many vibrant communities which value what is truly important in our world, which foster harmony and growth, and above all, communities which love each other. Paul, 24.

… that people find courage to smile and say hello to strangers. Aurea 51.


Responses from ASCC Year 4 students:

… that everyone stays well and doesn’t go crazy thinking that everyone around them has the virus but just calms down to think how they can stop the virus. Michael, 9.

… to live all be in peace and harmony. Matthew, 9.

… we care for our health by watching what we eat. Amelia, 9.

… for people to be caring to the world as God has made this for us. Claire, 9.

… that our Saviour takes away this large deadly virus and replaces it with Glory and happiness. Adriana, 9.

… staying safe and healthy and to help the most vulnerable people in our family. Brianna, 9.

… that we can go back to face to face teaching and that I can visit my friends again. Suvrat, 9.

… to recreate a united and connected community whose goal is to share kindness, peace and love. Maxwell, 9.

… for a cure of the corona virus and peace in the world. Jeremy, 9.

… to be generous, kind, respectful and be compassionate to others. Gurdil, 9.

… to be able to visit our family and friends and spend more time with each other. Angela, 9

… that everybody will continue to enjoy spending time together as families and that we will treat mother nature respectfully, so that we don’t have to go through another crisis like this again. Harry, 9.

.. that the world can go back to normal and hope that everyone can see there old workmate or school mate because it is not the same without them so I hope that coronavirus shall stop, what is the world without friends lonely so lets stay home and stop coronavirus. Jayden, 9

… to pray for our communities and spend time with our family and friends because you may never know when there gone. Gabriella, 9.

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All Saints Parish Prayer during the Pandemic

Merciful God of hope and life, during this time of pandemic,

May we hold to attitudes and behaviours that profess our faith in Jesus Christ,

May we act with care and responsibility to keep our community safe,

May we be beacons of hope to those feeling overwhelmed and fearful.

Heal those who are infected by the virus,

Guide healthcare professionals and researchers in their work,

Inspire politicians, business and community leaders by your wisdom,

Bring those who have died to yourself and comfort their loved ones.

We make this prayer through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us.

All Saints. Pray for us.

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