The Catholic Parish of All Saints

Liverpool Australia (1838)


Saturday: 5pm Vigil

Sunday: 7am, 8.15am (Italian),

9.30am (live streamed), 11am, 5pm, 6.30pm (Polish)

Monday: 7am (live streamed)

Tuesday-Friday: 7am, 9.15am (live streamed)

Saturday: 9.15am (live streamed)


Saturday: 10am-11am; 4.15pm-4.45pm

First Friday: 8pm-8.30pm (after Mass)


Friday, 3 December: 8pm-8.30pm

Saturdays 4, 11 & 18 December: 10am-11am

Thursday, 23 December: 7pm-9pm


Christmas Eve - Friday, 24 December

6pm Family Mass (College grounds), 8pm, 10pm (Polish) & Midnight (carols from 11.40pm)

Christmas Day - Saturday, 25 December

7am, 8.15am (Italian), 9.30am, 11am, 5pm & 6.30pm (Polish)


7.30pm - 8.30pm, Tuesday 21 December


From Monday, 8 November, churches can open to the public for vaccinated and not fully vaccinated patrons, subject to the 2m2 rule. Mask wearing, social distancing, sanitizing and worshipper registration by either QR code or sign-in remain as before. The worshipper limit in All Saints church is now 330. Fully vaccinated worshippers are permitted to sing. The music ministry can comprise up to 10 fully vaccinated persons. They should maintain safe distance from the congregation as before.

Those not vaccinated are asked to consider the risk to themselves and hence, to family and friends, of attending church at present. Risks for vaccinated persons are far less.

Daily live steaming of Masses will continue.


· a maximum of 330 fully vaccinated people, who must carry evidence of vaccination and wear masks.

· a maximum of 10 non-fully vaccinated people, excluding ministers and essential staff, all wearing masks.

· the onus is on the funeral director, not the celebrant, to monitor guests for vaccination status.


· a maximum of 330 fully vaccinated people, who must carry evidence of vaccination and wear masks.

· A maximum of 11 non-fully vaccinated people, including the couple, celebrant, 2 witnesses, recorder and 5 guests.

· the onus is on the couple, not the celebrant, to monitor guests for vaccination status.

Safeguarding of Children and young People

All Saints Parish is committed to building a culture of safeguarding of children and young people. Accordingly, all volunteers must complete the Parish Safeguarding Program comprising:

  1. Acquisition of a Working with Children (WCC) number from the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian;

  2. Attending a Parish Safeguarding Training Course (or approved alternative);

  3. Signing a Code of Conduct Form;

  4. Signing a Volunteer Agreement Form.

Over four hundred people have completed the Parish Training Course, including parishioners from the Spanish community at Ashcroft and other parishes.

Dedicated noticeboards in the church and Parish facilities display updated information.

for more information please go to the followng page

Parish News and Announcements

When you go to the Parish YouTube Channel ( you can also subscribe to our channel and be automatically notified if a live stream is being scheduled or new video posted on our channel.

All Saints Parish Prayer during the Pandemic

Merciful God of hope and life, during this time of pandemic,

May we hold to attitudes and behaviours that profess our faith in Jesus Christ,

May we act with care and responsibility to keep our community safe,

May we be beacons of hope to those feeling overwhelmed and fearful.

Heal those who are infected by the virus,

Guide healthcare professionals and researchers in their work,

Inspire politicians, business and community leaders by your wisdom,

Bring those who have died to yourself and comfort their loved ones.

We make this prayer through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us.

All Saints. Pray for us.

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