Sacraments of Initiation
for Children

Confirmation Preparation

Registrations for Confirmation

For enquiries, please contact the Sacramental Coordinator, Pina Bernard,
on 9753 6500 or

Preparation for Confirmation

Preparation Requirements

The following components are compulsory. If you are unable to fulfill these requirements:

1. Confirmation interview (12 to 22 March)

2. Parents as Mentors (2 or 3 April, 90min)

3. Commitment Mass (about 1hr, 6 April)

4. Weekly Sunday Mass  (about 1hr)

5. Four catechetical sessions (lessons) of 1 hour per week for 4 weeks (from 9 April to 18 May).

6. Confirmation Retreat Day (Wednesday, 22 May)


To register for preparation for Confirmation your child needs to have been:

You will need to: